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The Christ of Contention

Pilate went out to the chief priests and asked them what accusation they had brought against Jesus (John 18:29), but all they could say was that, if He was not an evil doer, they would not have turned Him over to the governor (John 18:30). In other words, they found Jesus guilty, and they expected Pilate to sentence him on their judgment. Pilate, however, had no desire to do their dirty work and told them to carry out the judgment according to their law (John 18:31a). Nevertheless, the religious leaders desired the death penalty for Jesus, which was not legal for them to carry out (John 18:31b-32). They then began accusing Jesus of insurrection, turning the Jewish nation aside from Rome, forbidding others to give tribute to Caesar, and claiming He was King (Luke 23:3). Upon hearing this, Pilate called Jesus to be brought to him (John 18:33) and demanded of him if he were the King of the Jews (cp. Luke 23:3; Matthew 27:11; Mark 15:2). Jesus, however, said that his kingdom is not of this “world” (kosmos, G2889). Read the rest of this entry »

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