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Who Am I?

Who am I with respect to God and this world? If Jesus says his Kingdom is not of this world, how can I serve God and keep from being caught up in the way of this world? This world’s way is to draw me away from Christ into its labyrinth of enticements out of which there is no way. So, who am I in this world, and when temptation arises, what exactly is going on in me? Do I have the power to stop sinning? What does God require of me and how does temptation affect me with respect to His demands? Read the rest of this entry »

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Cooperative Effort Produces Eternal Results!

The sources of Luke’s gospel are the records given him by many eyewitnesses (Luke 1:2). That is, he was not the eyewitness, but his record is an account of the eyewitness testimony of others. This included the testimony of the Twelve (verse-2), which was believed by so many throughout the world (verse-1), of which Theophilus is an example (verse-3). Read the rest of this entry »

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