The Day and the Hour of Christ’s Return

06 Nov
Day and Hour

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Throughout my adult life, and from what I have read about Christianity during the last century and into the 21st, folks have been preoccupied with thoughts of Jesus’ return to this earth. Waiting for him, and praying that he would come soon, thus expressing that believers do take Jesus’ words about his return seriously, whether or not his words have been interpreted correctly. In fact, the modern believer’s desire for Jesus is so titillated that many folks study with a desire to know a specific date of Jesus’ return, and some are willing to read those desires into the Scriptures and call it ‘truth’ or something close to it. Many leaders, so-called, are also willing to capitalize upon this desire and sell their fiction as fact, but, of course the myths they sell describing the times before the “second coming” do not come with a money back guarantee (surprise, surprise)!

I don’t think the words day and hour as used in the Olivet Discourse pointing to Jesus’ coming should be taken so literally as to mean 60 minutes or 24 hours. I believe the Scriptures are really pointing to a steadily decreasing block of time. No one can know how close we are to the end of that block of time. However, Jesus did identify the general size of it by saying the generation to which he preached would not pass away, or die off until all thing written in the Old Testament were fulfilled. So, when the disciples asked:

Acts 1:7 Whiston NT  And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

They weren’t showing a complete lack of understanding, as is so often presumed by modern critics. Jesus told them: “It is not for you to know the times…” The Greek word here is chronos (G5550) and means time a long or short period. Jesus went on to say: “It is not for you to know… the seasons…” The Greek word for “season” is kairos (G2540) and means “a measure of time… a fixed and definite time… a time when things are brought to a crises.” In other words, Jesus said to them, and to all of us by the way, that they couldn’t know when he would restore the kingdom to Israel. Why not? It is because God has placed these things under his own control or authority. He had not, at that time, offered it to them for their consideration (cf. Deuteronomy 29:29).

The Seventy Weeks Prophecy is often used by modern believers to paint a picture of the days leading up to what is presumed to be Jesus’ Second Coming. Nevertheless, these days were fulfilled long ago during the first century AD, so in that sense we do know (now) the day and the hour of Jesus’ coming cir. 70 AD to judge and destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. But… some may say this was not Jesus’ Second Coming, and they’ll use their fertile imaginations, painting fearful events whereby some are scooped up, while others are left behind. Another, will speak of four blood moons and prophesy disaster, because folks love to be scared. We pay big bucks for people like Stephen King to scare us to greater and greater degrees. So, some folks who call themselves Christian will preach disaster in the near future and have an escape plan for the faithful. It is so much like the “who-is-the-greatest” debates between Jesus’ disciples. Those who are scooped up are the faithful, but those left behind are the unfaithful. Those who get saved from disaster are the ‘greatest’, but those upon whom disaster falls must take the lower seats. It is all so petty, and it would be laughable, were it not for the evil fruit of their evil doctrines.

Adding to the word of God, which is what these people do, keeps folks from abiding in the teaching of Jesus (2John 1:9). Not one of the end-time prognosticators of the 20th century were correct, and they’re still at it in the 21st century. I, for one, believe they’ve proven themselves false prophets. The fact is, preaching one’s own theories as the word of God robs the word of God of its power (Matthew 15:6). One thing is certain, if we continue listening to them, we are not leaving room for God or Jesus to teach us anything, for Jesus said: “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons!” It doesn’t get any plainer than that. Unless we pay attention to the word of God, we could actually miss the Second Coming of Jesus!

Does that surprise you? I mentioned above that the 70 Weeks Prophecy was fulfilled cir. 70 AD, if Jesus did return—AS HE SAID—in the first century, before that generation passed away, then all this day and hour business is moot stuff. We can and do know it, because it already occurred. We simply need to update what we know by casting away what we thought we knew, but was in error and accept the plain teaching of Jesus (instead of men).[1]


[1] This study has been completely revised. I had believed in a future return of Christ, but now I believe he returned cir. 70 AD. I have other studies that would support my new eschatology. If one is interested in reading about this one can begin by perusing the studies about the Olivet Prophecy.


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    No, I am not a Jehovah’s Witness. I have talked with a number of Witnesses both in my home and on the internet, and I have always been impressed with their attitude toward me and others. But I am not a Witness, nor have I ever been one. Are you a Witness? I see your email account has to do with news for or about Witnesses. Why do you ask? :-)

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    Are you a witness Smoo?

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