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The 70 Weeks Prophecy and the 1335 DAYS

from Google Images

from Google Images

As I mentioned in an earlier post the 1335 days of Daniel tie the ministries of Jesus and the Apostles together. Daniel 12:12 mentions the mysterious period of 1335 days, that those who wait until the days are concluded will be blessed! I believe the key to understanding all these mysterious periods is fitting them into the Jewish Holy Day Festivals mentioned in Leviticus 23. A clue to determining the meaning of this particular period of the 1335 days is in the fact that he who waits until it is over is blessed. I don’t believe mankind could have ever been more blessed than on Pentecost Day 31 AD, when the Holy Spirit fell down upon the disciples of Jesus, and God began making his abode with men (Acts 2:1-4). Read the rest of this entry »


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