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Don’t Call Common What God Has Cleansed!

With the persecution against the Hellenistic believers ended and Paul sent home to Tarsus, God used this time to introduce to the disciples to the idea that he had cleansed the gentiles (Acts 10). A man named Cornelius had seen a vision from God and sent for Peter who was staying at Joppa with Simon the tanner. God prepared Peter for what was about to occur by giving him a vision of unclean animals and telling him to kill and eat. It was unlawful for a kosher Jew to eat what was ceremonially unclean, so Peter understandably refused, but Jesus told Peter that he should not call common what God has cleansed. The ceremonial laws of Moses often depicted a spiritual principle. For example, a Jew could not eat an animal that did not part the hoof—indicating one walking the separate life, for God called the Jews to separate themselves from the world. Neither was it lawful to eat an animal that didn’t chew the cud—indicating that they should fully digest the word of God, thinking and meditating upon it, not just hearing the word to satisfy intellectual knowledge (hunger). If one parted the hoof, but didn’t chew the cud, like the swine, that one may live the separate life but had no idea why he lived so. In other words nothing came from the heart. If one chewed the cud, but didn’t walk the separate life, it indicated a hypocrite who says but does not. Read the rest of this entry »

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