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The Lord Testified to the Message of His Grace

What catches my eye in Acts 14 is the contradictoriness of the people. Wherever Paul and Barnabas went there was division among the people. Some were for the apostles and some against them. But, this is only natural; that is, one should expect such things when the Gospel is preached.

Paul and Barnabas had come to Lystra in Asia, after having been driven out of Antioch of Pisidia and Iconium by the Jews pursuing them. The Jews had convinced the gentile authorities that Paul and Barnabas were dangerous people, so each city had tried to kill them. When they had come to Lystra, there was no synagogue in which to preach the Gospel, so Paul simply began speaking in a public place about the Lord in terms of what he had created. A man, crippled from birth, had been listening to Paul when Paul commanded the man to get up on his feet. The man did so, and all the people rejoiced saying “the gods are come to us in human form!” Read the rest of this entry »

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