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Conflicting Birth Accounts in the Gospels?

It is commonly believed among Bible scholars who trust Scripture is the word of God that, because Herod killed the children of Bethlehem from newborn up to two years of age, the Magi could not have come to Jerusalem, until Jesus was nearly two years old as well (Matthew 2:7, 16-18). However, this does not have to be so. According to Ezra 7:9 it took Ezra and his company exactly four months to travel from Babylon to Jerusalem, and it is implied that he made good time, because God was with him. However, the Magi might have made better time because Ezra could have had some aged people and the very young to care for. So if the Magi started out a few weeks before the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on August 12, 3 BCE, they could have arrived in Jerusalem and found the child on October 22, 3 BCE, 40 days after Jesus’ birth, after a journey of about 3 months. Of course, being astrologers they could have anticipated the conjunction well in advance of this date and started their journey much earlier and arrived at Jerusalem at a slower pace. Read the rest of this entry »

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