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Another Look at Ancient Literacy Rates

Literacy Rates

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Many modern scholars will not admit that ancient folks generally knew how to read and write. They assume illiteracy for the ancients, because they have conducted tests over several hundred years of our modern times and have discovered that the more agricultural a society is, the more illiterate it can be expected to be. However, is this a fair test to superimpose upon ancient nations, particularly the Jews? Today, we have grown to be specialized in almost everything. The medical industry has become so complex that many doctors have zeroed in upon a very specialized field, but if one takes them out of their field of expertise, they need to depend upon the information of a much less educated person. A plumber, for example, may be educated and literate, but he doesn’t need a masters degree or a doctorate to practice his trade, yet a medical doctor is usually completely dependent upon his advice, as it pertains to the pipes in his own home. Read the rest of this entry »


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