Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees?

04 Apr

First of all, allow me to apologize to those who endure such a plight as to have a member of one’s body severed. No one who has his or her body intact could ever imagine the trouble you endure throughout life. Some of the little things we all take for granted, such as buttoning one’s shirt or blouse can be a major chore for you. It is sad to even discuss your condition as though it were an example of the proof for or against the existence of God, yet I had been asked on a discussion board to show how a loving God can exist and never heal anyone who has part of his or her body severed. The following was my reply.

Many people claim that God has healed them of one thing or another, but it is always something that skeptics could claim was a mistake—either human error in the diagnosis or error on the part of the person claiming to be healed of something that he or she probably never had to begin with. What about amputees, something that could be unmistakably verified that a healing did, in fact, take place? It has been asked: why God doesn’t ever choose to heal one of them? Certainly, it couldn’t be against the will of a loving God that an amputee should be whole. Could it?

God loves everyone, and Jesus healed the weak, because he had compassion on them. Yet, today something seems to be missing. Where are the people born blind who could testify they were healed by God? Where are those born with a physical disability that prevented their ever having the strength to walk, but were suddenly healed and then leapt for joy and praising God for what he did? This is not to say that God doesn’t heal or answer prayer. Certainly, there are cancer patients who could testify of a miraculous healing, but the power of that healing is unseen. Certainly, there are those who could claim they had a deadly disease and when all hope was lost, God suddenly and miraculously touched them, and they were healed; but the power behind this healing, too, is hidden and cannot be proved in the eyes of the skeptic. Why are some healings different than others? Why doesn’t God make an amputee whole?

In Daniel 4:17 we are told that God governs within the kingdom of men. As a rule, all his deeds are done in and through men. When I read about the latest discoveries in science, I marvel at what God has revealed to mankind. I think it is wonderful what science is able to do in the field of medicine and even in physics, discovering marvelous things about our universe. I am simply in awe with what wonderful knowledge is revealed to mankind in the fields of science—people see who were blind or almost blind; people who were deaf are now able to hear; we have heart transplants, organs of the deceased are preserved and used for people whose organs are failing; amputees have greater ability today than in all recorded history. Skeptics see all this as the work of men, but I see a compassionate God helping men come to terms with themselves in the world he has created.

Observe what I claimed above. God works in and through men (Daniel 4:17). He is not being intrusive in our lives, mostly because we don’t want him in our knowledge—or put another way, mankind as a whole simply doesn’t wish to know God (Romans 1:28). So, he keeps in the background, working out his will in and through mankind—all mankind. He specifically deals with the world through Christianity, but, generally, he works in and through all mankind according to Daniel 4:17.

When Jesus walked this earth and preached the Gospel, and when he performed his miraculous deeds, it interfered with the truth he had to offer mankind, while he ministered to us. We were more interested in being wowed than in him. So, as I see it, he’ll let science wow us. He’ll stay in the background and remain unnoticed by the world who doesn’t wish to know him. This is his present will, tempered by the Christian responsibility to preach him to folks who claim they don’t want to know him. :-)

We have pushed him to the periphery; so if anyone wants him to come out of the shadows, he or she must show an interest. God isn’t in the business of entertaining man’s desire to be wowed! Hence, no amputees presently grow limbs. Nevertheless, science may find a way for them to do that—like the starfish and the crab, and that would be wonderful, indeed! It is probably possible, but God will permit science to wow the skeptic on that one! In order to recognize the existence of God, one has to draw near and seek him, being wowed simply is not enough, no matter how much we protest otherwise. He’ll come out of the shadows, if we seek him and are patient and don’t give up.

By the way, when all is said and done, and the Kingdom of God has enveloped the world, all mankind will be part of the new creation. We all get to have new bodies that won’t grow old and are whole in every way.

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