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Barnabas and Paul in Lystra

After fleeing Iconium, Barnabas and Paul came to Lystra, one of the major cities of Lycaonia. Since Luke never mentions that the apostles enter a synagogue in Lystra, there probably aren’t enough Jews there to warrant one. Therefore, they began preaching to or perhaps conversing with the locals about God. Exactly where they were in the city is not clear, but it was near the city gates (cp. Acts 14:13), where a beggar was probably placed hoping for alms (Acts 14:8), and he listened attentively. Actually, though, Luke never says the man hoped for alms; I suppose it is possible the man knew a trade in which he could labor with his hands, but if this is true, it would be surprising that Luke doesn’t mention the oddity, for back then most people who had a serious impairment weren’t trained to become financially independent. On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise the reader to discover a man who was never able to walk was a beggar in the first century CE. Read the rest of this entry »

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