Paul’s Fourteen Year Journey

01 Dec

Josephus records the time of the great famine occurring during the terms of Cuspius Fadus and Tiberius Alexander. This would cause the worst season of the famine for Jews to occur during the Sabbatical Year of 48-49 CE (autumn to autumn). [Antiquities 20.5.2; compare 20.1.2 – Claudius Caesar in the year of his 4th time as consul, i.e. 47 CE, wrote a letter to Judea’s procurator, Cuspius Fadus before July of that year]. So, Fadus was still governor in 47 CE. A bad harvest season in autumn of 47 CE and spring of 48 CE would produce famine conditions for the poor in the Sabbatical year of autumn 48 CE to autumn 49 CE. These conditions began during the tenure of Cuspius Fadus, but famine conditions grew to its worst state during the term of Tiberius Alexander. The Jerusalem church would have been able to care for the poor for a few months, but as food reserves and funds grew low, they would have found it necessary to send to the gentile churches for help. Therefore, the famine-relief offering and the Jerusalem Council occurred at the same time, most likely in the spring of 49 CE.


Where was Paul?

Where was Peter?


34 CE Paul was persecuting believers in and around Jerusalem. Jerusalem Sabbatical Year autumn to autumn; 34 – 35 CE
35 CE Paul meets Jesus near Damascus and preaches Jesus in Damascus Jerusalem
36-37 CE Missions to Arabia from Damascus as headquarters Jerusalem
38 CE Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem; escapes to Tarsus after Jews seek his life Jerusalem
39 – 40 CE Tarsus in Cilicia, and perhaps visits to Damascus Miracles near the coast; Caesarea with Cornelius
41 CE  Time of Paul’s and Barnabas’ full year preaching in Antioch; time of Agabus’ prophecy. Jerusalem Herod Agrippa made king of Judea; Sabbatical Year 41- 42 CE – autumn to autumn
42 CE Antioch, Cilicia, Caesarea and perhaps Samaria and Judea Jerusalem
43 CE Antioch & strengthening churches in Cilicia, Phoenicia and Judea. Jerusalem Matthias made high priest in Jerusalem
44 CE Sent out from Antioch on the 1st missionary journey. Beginning just before spring – Galatia Flees Jerusalem & out of Herod’s realm; perhaps to Antioch – 2nd most important church. Herod kills James, replaces Matthias as high priest; moves to Caesarea and suddenly dies.
45 CE Begin 2nd year of 1st missionary journey – Galatia Antioch (?) with Herod dead, it’s a guess
46 CE Begin 3rd year of 1st missionary journey – Galatia Antioch (?) with Herod dead, it’s a guess
47 CE Return to Antioch in Syria from Galatia in spring of 47 CE. Antioch (?) with Herod dead, it’s a guess Poor harvest season leading to famine in the following year.
48 CE Antioch Antioch Sabbatical year;

48-49 CE [no planting or reaping permitted from autumn to autumn].

49 CE Antioch then to Jerusalem in spring with famine-relief & present Paul’s Gospel at the Jerusalem Council; 14 yrs. after the Damascus road vision. Antioch then to Jerusalem Men from James arrive at Antioch to alert the gentile churches of the poor’s need in Judea.
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