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Paul in the Synagogue at Corinth

After Paul left Athens he came to Corinth, and as was his manner, he began to share Christ with his Jewish brethren in the local synagogue (Acts 18:4). This may also have been how he actually met Aquila and Priscilla, because Jesus told his disciples that when they entered a city to first inquire who in that city was hospitable enough to house guests and stay there (cp. Matthew 10:11). What better place could there be for a Jew to find hospitable Jews than the local synagogue? Archeology has uncovered in Corinth a partial inscription in Greek on a lintel, which is believed to have read (when complete) Synagogue of the Hebrews. Its writing indicates a later structure, but the synagogue over whose doorway this lintel was placed may have stood upon the same foundation of that in which Paul preached. Read the rest of this entry »

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