Paul’s Life in the New Testament

14 Jun

This is a rough sketch of where Paul was and what he was doing during his Apostleship to the gentiles. Unlike a similar blog I posted, this one concerns three-year blocks of time, which seems to be Paul’s pattern for his intended labor. Whatever he decided to do, he planned out a three year period for that work.

Time Where was Paul? What was Paul Doing?
Spring 35 AD to spring 38 AD



Damascus and Arabia, then to Jerusalem and Caesarea and Tarsus. Vision of Jesus and conversion. Preaching the Gospel to Damascus and regions round about.
Spring 38 AD to spring 41 AD



Tarsus and vicinity in Cilicia, but perhaps also preaching in regions of Caesarea and Galilee.


Preaching the Gospel to Tarsus and regions round about.
Spring 41 AD to spring 44 AD



Antioch and vicinity i.e. Samaria, Caesarea, Judea. Preaching the Gospel to Antioch and regions round about.
Spring 44 AD to spring 47 AD



Galatia – regions Phrygia and Lyconium Paul’s 1st recorded missionary journey – preaching in Galatia.
Spring 47 AD to spring 50 AD



Antioch and vicinity, which, no doubt included Caesarea and regions in Judea. Also Jerusalem (Acts 15).


Addressing the issue of circumcision at Jerusalem and strengthening the churches
Spring 50 AD to spring 53 AD Galatia, Macedonia and Achaia, sailing to Caesarea from Corinth. Strengthening the churches in Galatia, and preaching the Gospel in Europe on 2nd missionary journey.


Spring or early Summer of 53 AD to spring 56 AD The province of Asia then Macedonian and Achaia, back to Macedonian then sailing to Caesarea.


Preaching the Gospel in Asia on 3rd missionary journey. Taking a collection for the poor at Jerusalem.


Spring 56 AD to autumn 59 AD


Judea, Jerusalem and Caesarea. Strengthening churches in Judea, and imprisonment at Jerusalem and Caesarea.
Autumn 59 AD to 62 AD Ship on the Mediterranean then to Rome Journeying to Rome, preaching the Gospel to the Jews and then to gentiles at Rome for two years.


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