Where Did All the Water Come From?

06 Oct

If we could somehow squeeze all the moisture out of the air and made it water on the face of the earth, it would cover the continents only up to 2-3 centimeters or about an inch, according to one estimate.[1] So, how can we account for the Genesis flood? One thing is certain, if there had been a worldwide flood the conditions that existed before such a flood would necessarily have been different from what we would have seen immediately afterward, and even that would change over the next few centuries, as the earth settled back into a more peaceful state.

Many scientists agree that a global flood couldn’t have occurred in the past, because there simply isn’t enough water in the atmosphere to flood the earth to the degree mentioned in Genesis, chapters 6-9.

“Forget about Noah’s Ark; there was no worldwide flood… In order to even entertain the possibility of a worldwide flood, one has to bypass all laws of physics, exit the realm of science, and enter into the realm of the miraculous… there could not have been a worldwide flood as described in the Bible, because there is simply not enough water in the earth’s atmospheric system to produce such a flood.”[2]

The problem with the statement is that the Bible doesn’t speak merely of atmospheric rain. It also speaks of the fountains of the “great deep” opening up. What are the “fountains of the great deep?” The answer to this question could offer a very obvious method used to bring a great global flood of the proportion described in the book of Genesis. But first let’s look at a very obvious blunder in the idea that there simply is not enough water.

Global Flood on Mars?

A flood of biblical proportions – enough to fill the Mediterranean Sea – gushed down from the highlands of Mars a billion or so years ago, the latest pictures from the Pathfinder confirmed Monday.[3]

How is it that scientists, on the basis of canyons on Mars, where there is no known free water, propose that there was once a global flood there, but at the same time deny that there was ever a global flood on Earth, which has abundant evidence for such a flood and has plenty of water? Could it be, the naturalists are not defending science so much as their own ideology?

"Fountains of the Great Deep" (Image from Google Images)

“Fountains of the Great Deep”
(Image from Google Images)

Today, the average depth of the oceans is 11,000 feet. On the other hand the continents have an average height of cir. 2,500 feet. Therefore, if one redistributed the land mass, we could have a worldwide cover of water to a depth of 8,500 feet, showing we have plenty of water to account for a worldwide flood—remembering, that the world today looks much different from the world in Noah’s day, as even Peter concluded in his epistle (2Peter 3:5-7). If the Earth’s plates were broken up throughout the globe during the time of the Noahic Flood, there would be volcanoes opening up to push the sea level upward, earthquakes like never before imagined would cause great tsunamis of proportions not experienced in our modern age. The mountains before the time of the Flood were not nearly as high as the great mountain ranges of today. Today’s mountain ranges were created during the period after the flood when the great Pangaea was broken up into the continents we now observe.

It seems clear that, if the valleys on the ocean floor rose up and the mountains above sea level were lowered, not only could a global flood occur, but it would cover the earth with water up to over a mile. If, in fact, the billions of fossils we find all over every continent and atop every mountain are water deposited from a flood of global proportions, then the geological periods of several million years each do not exist.

[1] See USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) found HERE.

[2] See article by Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D. (UCLA Center for Digital Humanities; UCLA Qumran Visualization Project) May 2010, found HERE.

[3] Cincinnati Enquirer, Ancient gullies suggest “key ingredient for life”, Robert S. Boyd, July 8, 1997


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2 responses to “Where Did All the Water Come From?

  1. Vladislav Valentinov

    October 6, 2013 at 13:33

    It is reasonable to assume that if water of the deep was created during the formation of the Earth, and came out during the Flood along what we call today mid-Atlantic ridge, wouldn’t be able to do so all at once, but some of it will remain under the crust on the opposite side of the planet. So, I was fascinated to learn that some of the water that came out of the deep, may still be there:
    The article also confirms my thoughts that water, rather then mantel is responsible for tectonic movement (that is why there is no tectonic plates on Venus). The only difference is the postulated mechanism. Secular scientist theorizing that watery rock, being unstable, moves continents. If he would assume the Biblical account, he would see that the movement could’ve been caused directly by water during the flood and almost seize after since the lubricating medium was no longer.

    • Eddie

      October 7, 2013 at 09:26

      Greetings Vlad. I’ve read your comment several times, but I’m not certain that I understand. If you use **only** water to account for the flood, then you are fine up until you have to determine where all the water went. If subterranean water was released from beneath the continents (or wherever) then where did it go afterward, if it covered all the continents?

      This is the subject of my next blog. Thanks for the link, by the way. I intend to use it in my next blog-post, because it supports what I believe occurred.

      Lord bless you, Vlad.


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