The God Concept

16 Nov
God Concept

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Chris, a young author of the Why I am no longer a Christian series on You Tube’s Evid3nc3 channel, correctly concludes in his video The God Concept that our belief in God doesn’t hang upon a single idea. Rather one’s belief in God is supported by a various number of supporting “pillars” of beliefs and experiences that support the “mega belief” of God’s existence. Therefore, if a single belief that supports the existence of God is attacked by a non-believer, and assuming that attack is successful in leaving the Christian with no argument, the Christian is still justified in holding to his belief in God, because there are so many other supporting pillars that remain unscathed by the attacking atheist. Hence, many atheists wrongly consider the Christian position as weak and hypocritical, because (at least in this one assumed instance) he succeeded in disarming the Christian position.

Moreover, Chris understands that an opposing argument in a debate will never be really considered by the Christian to whom it is directed, unless that Christian can perceive that his opponent understands the Christian position. That said, Chris tries and, in my opinion, succeeds in offering a very respectful case against the Christian position. I don’t believe he supports his arguments well, but I believe he succeeds in being very respectful to the overall Christian point of view.

It was only after the greater number of supporting pillars of his mega belief in God was successfully challenged, that Chris began to question God’s existence. Additionally, he presumes correctly in my opinion that his experience is quite typical of other Christians who have lost their faith. No single argument is powerful enough to disarm the Christian and leave him without confidence in his understanding that God does, indeed, exist.

His testimony goes on to include how his faith was undermined by proofs, or perhaps we should call them successful arguments, showing that: 1) logical arguments for the existence of God; 2) prayer; 3) morality; 4) creation; 5) the Bible; 6) other Christians; 7) personal relationship with God—all have either no basis in reality or have other more logical reasons for the perceived phenomena. I have no idea whether or not Chris intends to add to his testimony, but I hope to reply to the remaining 19 videos he has posted on You Tube, which summarize his journey from being a true Christian to becoming what he calls an “a” theist—i.e. not a believer in the personal God. Ten videos cover his de-conversion, while nine cover his new life as an atheist. I assume it will take at least one blog-post for each video, so this series should contain at least 20 posts (including this one).[1]

To conclude this first post, I’ll give my personal overall analysis of Christopher’s case against Christianity. It seems to me that a great deal of his faith was based upon emotion. While there is nothing wrong with having emotion in one’s relationship with God, it is a weak foundation upon which to base such an important and modern controversial belief. He offers a very weak understanding of the scriptures, so when he was faced with apparent contradictions, his trust in the Bible waned. When he did debate others in support of his Christian beliefs, it was from a scientific point of view, and he supported his arguments from the works of a scholar who believed in God. While such a thing isn’t wrong in itself, it has been my experience that men—all men—eventually fail. No one, Christian or atheist, has THE argument that will successfully support his worldview. Men are prone to err and, given enough time and words to say, we won’t disappoint, no matter how educated we may be.

In future posts in this series, I hope to make it abundantly clear why this young man made shipwreck of his faith. Of course, I am able to use only the evidence he has offered in his You Tube videos, so my conclusions need to be kept in that context. If Chris left anything out, I don’t know that, and, if so, I will err according to the data not revealed. In any event, the reader can judge for him or herself as to whose arguments make better sense of what data the videos do reveal—those of this young man, or mine.


[1] The present count is thirty-six blog posts. I don’t see myself adding to this number, unless Chris adds to his present video collection that either chronicles his change in his worldview or seeks to support that new worldview.

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