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In video number eighteen (HERE) Chris reveals his thoughts as he reads Spong’s book: “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”. Chris was surprised to learn that Spong, a ‘Christian’ bishop, no longer believed in God. His book’s radical proposal seeks to reform Christianity’s place in the modern world by telling believers how we can be effective in today’s world without the God of the Bible. If ever there was a contradictory lifestyle, that would be it. Could anyone but Spong imagine a follower of Christ preaching the Good News of the death of the God of the Bible? What a random idea! Nevertheless, it is random knowledge that we can expect from people who seek to push God out of their knowledge (cf. Romans 1:28).

I was a bit disappointed with Chris’ new persona in this video, as he ridiculed the Christian idea of Jesus ascending to heaven. To take Chris literally would mean we need to dispose with the word ‘up’, since the word has no real meaning in a universe such as ours. He asks where Jesus was going when the Bible says he ascended (Acts 1:9). “Was he floating around in space? Was he zipping around faster than the speed of light? Was he trying to reach the edge of the universe (46 billion light years away)? Perhaps he stopped off at a black hole!” Such statements were foreign to Chris’ videos up to now, but I can see he has learned how to do it fairly well for a first try.

Chris claims it makes no sense to say our Father watches over us from heaven, when heaven is just the light from a star. Looking ‘up’ into the heavens (Acts 1:10) doesn’t make any sense, when one realizes what’s behind the clouds. Mankind’s enlightenment over the centuries has left the God of the Bible unemployed. All of his former jobs (making it rain, causing the sun to shine, causing storms, plagues, and healing) have been taken up by very physical laws. Even his job as creator has been removed by Darwin’s theory of evolution—a process rather than an event. No longer needed and without a job to do, the God of the Bible is simply removed from our knowledge—forgotten by former believers, dead without hope of a resurrection in the modern, natural world. What a bleak picture!

Nevertheless, some important questions remain unanswered to dog even today’s modern scientist. What is life and how can it be reproduced by anything other than life? The DNA molecule is basically information. Information comes from intelligence, random is accidental. Just as the binary code in our computers didn’t happen by accident—it was put there by intelligent beings, so the DNA string based not on a binary (two) code but upon four nucleobases points to intelligent production. Modern science is nowhere near as advanced as what it perceives occurred randomly. Yet, mankind pushes away its awareness of God from its knowledge (Romans 1:28). Since God isn’t physical, we have no evidence of him, and therefore he probably doesn’t exist. So, any evidence of superior intelligence **must** have occurred by chance—Darwin says so, and Darwin is never wrong, is he?

What about all those other jobs God was supposed to hold but was forced to vacate as we increased in knowledge, seeing they were the result of natural processes? If I may, I’ll take a page from U.S. business history. Lee Iacocca was fired from the Ford Motor Co. in 1978, but was quickly hired by the Chrysler Co. that same year. Chrysler was nearly bankrupt, but through Iacocca’s leadership and engineering ideas for new vehicles like the “K” cars and the minivans (rejected by Ford), he put Chrysler in the black, saving the company from bankruptcy. Now, we all know that Iacocca didn’t do all that by himself. In fact, once his ideas were put in place and the new vehicles were placed on the market, Chrysler could technically have done the rest (produce and sell the vehicles) without him. Yet, we are able to say without fear of contradiction that without Lee Iacocca Chrysler wouldn’t exist today. The same is true of God. Sure he placed laws in motion, but he created the laws, the physical universe, life—including mankind and all the animals etc. He commanded all to reproduce without his further input. Yet, this does not mean God couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene on behalf of his people or to judge the nations. The fact remains that the universe makes sense, because it is the product of intelligence, not randomness, Darwin notwithstanding.

Chris thought Spong’s idea of how man created God interesting and made sense. It involves recognizing the limitations of man and thinking what man is not, and presto we’ve created a god image. Humans are mortal, therefore a god is immortal—he is what we are not. We are finite, therefore, he is infinite; we are weak—he is omnipotent; we know little—he is omniscient; we are here—God is omnipresent; we are bound by nature—he is supernatural. All it takes is to imagine what we are not, and we can make God that thing. This is an interesting proposition, but the problem is the hypothesis is untried. The Bible already tells us what God is, so, strictly speaking, it would be easy to say what man is not! Let’s see how well we do with coming up with a new thing that we are unable to see. All colors are based upon three—yellow, blue and red. Everything that has any color is one of the three or a combination of two or all three of them. Imagine, if you can, a new base color. It should be easy, if Spong is correct; it is what yellow, blue and red are not. What did you come up with?

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