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What about Doctor Luke?

Gospel of Luke - 4

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Many scholars refer to Colossians 4:14, saying Luke, the beloved physician, was the author of both Luke and Acts. Moreover, the many medical terms used in both theses seem to support the idea that they were penned by someone with at least some knowledge of medical science of the first century AD. However, tradition tells us Paul lists this Luke with a number of gentiles, implying he was not a Jew. Yet, it is almost certain Lucius of Cyrene is a Hellenistic Jew, and, as I pointed out in my previous blogpost, he seems to be an excellent candidate for Luke, the writer of the third Gospel and Acts. What can be said about the placement of Luke’s name in Colossians 4:14? Is he a gentile? Does Paul really list a number of Jews ministering to him, while he was in prison, over against a number of gentiles, and is it possible to prove the conclusion? Read the rest of this entry »

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