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I Am a Sinful Man Oh Lord!

from Google Images

from Google Images

Often those people who wish to tell us that there is more than one way to God are actually irreligious people. They neither attend any religious service regularly (Christian or otherwise) or show any concern for God and his ways, other than to parrot the claim that more than one road leads to God. It is astonishing that they are taken so seriously. In any other way of life they would be brushed off as ignorant people who have no idea about what they claim. Would a doctor take a stone mason’s remedy for cancer seriously? Would an astronomer take into consideration what a man told him about the moon, simply because the man owned a pair of field glasses? Would the star quarterback on the losing team in the Super Bowl believe what the Monday-morning-quarterbacks claimed went wrong in the game, just before they got into their vans to deliver their company’s goods to the local stores? Read the rest of this entry »

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