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Leaving the Past Behind

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from Google Images

Just after Jesus’ first meeting with the leaders of Judaism, he embarked on a series of events that would cause these same doctors of the Law to question his methods. He seemed to make a point of contradicting everything they stood for. Whether it was the company he kept or his personal lifestyle, as it pertained to God, Jesus challenged all men to rethink what they held as true or righteous living. One day, Jesus was watching Levi, a tax collector who probably worked for Herod Antipas, but he could have been working for the Roman oppressor. Jesus said to him, “Follow Me,” and Levi left his old life with all its worldly rewards and followed Jesus (Luke 5:27-28). Did he know Jesus before his call? Was he at least aware of the miracles folks were saying Jesus had done? Luke doesn’t say, but probably Levi at least knew about Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »


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