Jesus Claims He Is God!

16 May
Jesus Claimed to be God

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Many Biblical critics presume that only John among the Gospel narratives shows Jesus is God, but this simply isn’t true. The Synoptics show us in a number of places that, not only is Jesus God, but he also claimed to be God in the flesh.[1] Luke 10 is such a place where this can be seen. In Luke 10:22 Jesus claimed intimacy with the Father that is shared by no one else but him. In fact, the claims Jesus makes of himself in Luke 10:22 are best understood if Jesus were God, because only God could ever truthfully make the claims about himself that Jesus makes here.

In Luke 10:22a Jesus claimed that all things were delivered over to him by his Father. In other words, all authority – authority over all things, physical or spiritual, was placed in his hands. That is, no one was equal to or had more authority than Jesus either in heaven or on earth. Moreover, Jesus claimed that no one was able to know him, except for the Father (Luke 10:22b). Matthew 11:27 uses an intensified form of the Greek, meaning no one is able to “fully” know Jesus except God, himself. This is a fantastic claim for a man. It makes the claim that Jesus is unknowable, just as God is unknowable, unless he is revealed to others through divine revelation.

Furthermore, only Jesus is able to know the Father (Luke 10:22c; cf. Matthew 11:27). Here, Jesus is claiming intimacy with the Father that no other man has. In fact, according to Exodus 33:20, no man could see God and live. Yet, Jesus claims the ability to reveal the Father to those who cannot otherwise know him (cf. John 1:18), because only Jesus has immortality, and only he dwells in the Light that no man has seen or is able to see (1Timothy 6:16). Jesus is claiming to be God in the flesh (cf. John 1:1, 14).

Finally, Jesus makes the claim that he is able to reveal God to whomsoever he wishes. That is, he has the power to reveal God. In other words, Jesus claims he is able to open the eyes of the minds of those who are blind and ignorant and shed light into their darkness.

In Luke 10:23 Jesus says his disciples are blessed in that they are able to witness and understand what others up to their time could not. Demons which held people captive were subject to their authority through Jesus’ name (Luke 10:17). Although they ministered among wolves, scorpions and serpents, Jesus’ disciples had authority to preach the Gospel, whether or not it would be received (Luke 10:3, 18-20). The Messiah had come and the end times were upon them. In other words, everything the word of God pointed to up to the coming of Jesus was fulfilled in him. The whole world waited for his coming, and his disciples were empowered by virtue of divine revelation to go out and reveal Jesus to the ignorant world (Luke 10:21-22).

It is important to understand that Jesus’ disciples were blessed, because they were able to see what prophets, kings and holy men of old could not see (Luke 10:24). In fact, the prophets and righteous men of ancient times desired to see what Jesus’ disciples were able to see but couldn’t (Luke 10:23-24), because those times were sealed up, until end time, when he came who could reveal all (Ephesians 3:3-5; 1Peter 1:10-12; cf. Daniel 8:26-27; 12:4, 8-10).


[1] See my study: Jesus Fourth Clear Claim to Deity and two other studies of mine on the trials of Jesus: Jesus Before the Sanhedrin and Jesus Before Pilate.


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2 responses to “Jesus Claims He Is God!

  1. Dave White

    May 16, 2017 at 08:43

    I agree with you! I would further assert that he is God, but what makes him such a wonderful advocate is that he also is 100% man! Sinless yes, but tempted in all ways as a human being. I find that many people in the church have no problem understanding the Deity of Christ but yet do have a challenge understanding that on this earth, this was not just a little God, but truly a man!
    BTW, I read all of your posts even though I don’t always respond; don’t want to waste your time.

    from Lake Havasu City.

    • Eddie

      May 16, 2017 at 09:09

      Thanks, Dave, I appreciate your encouragement. Lord bless you.


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