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Righteous Living and the Rich Fool

Rich Fool

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While Jesus taught his disciples, a man in the crowd asked him to tell the man’s brother to share the inheritance with him (Luke 12:13). Often questions of one’s worth come at a time of death or when one is writing his last will and testament. Some may say this man is or was worth millions. Of another, some may conclude that he wasn’t worth much at all! Yet, of the two who is to say which one enjoyed life more? Who, by taking into account only the accumulation of tangible wealth, could say for certain which of the two lived a richer life. Wealth can buy many desirable things, but it can’t buy love, long life or peace. Even the poorest of men could enjoy all three of these, so one’s worth in this context cannot be accurately put into tangible terms. Read the rest of this entry »

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