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Pilate’s Passover

Passover - 3

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It was time for Jesus’ ascension, i.e. time for him to go up to Jerusalem to celebrate a Feast Day. This particular occasion could not have been the Passover when Jesus was crucified, as I hope to show here. Nevertheless, neither does Luke mention which Feast Day this might have been. Luke 9:51-53 shows the Samaritans were upset that Jesus was set to go to Jerusalem instead of celebrating that Feast Day with them. The Samaritans had no reason to celebrate the Feast of Dedication (celebrated in our December) or the Feast of Purim (celebrated in late winter), because these days had special meaning only for the Jews in Jerusalem. Therefore, there would be no reason for the Samaritans to be jealous of Jesus’ determination to go to Jerusalem, if his intention was to celebrate one of these feast days. The Scriptures the Samaritans used was the Samaritan Pentateuch which they called the Law. These were the only Scriptures they used and the feasts they celebrate correspond to those found in Leviticus 23. Read the rest of this entry »

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