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Striving at the Gate of the Kingdom

Straight Gate

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In Luke 13:23 Jesus was questioned by a rabbi concerning who and how many would populate the Kingdom of God. Jesus replied to the question with the parable of the straight gate (Luke 13:24-30). It is not that Jesus tries to avoid answering the question put to him, but, rather the rabbi’s question simply isn’t a valid one. The rabbi assumes the question of entering the Kingdom of God can be addressed as an either /or proposition. It is similar to the question: “Do you still beat your wife?” How does one answer that question, if one never beat or abused his wife? If he says “No!” his answer implies that he at one time beat his wife. If he says “Yes!” he agrees outright that he beat his wife. A person who has never beat or abused his wife cannot answer the question according to its content, because the question isn’t valid. It begins with a presumption that isn’t true. Read the rest of this entry »

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