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The Gospel of the Closed Door

Closed Door

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If we compare Luke 13:25 with Matthew 10:25, we should be able to see that Jesus is the master of the house in the parable, and that it is he who closes the door after he is risen up (Luke 13:25). So, understanding what Jesus refuses to do for the many is necessary to understanding the meaning of saved in John 10:9 and Luke 13:23, because certainly the rabbi who asked Jesus the question didn’t believe he needed to be saved from his sins. He believed this was provided for through the Temple sacrifices. Moreover, sin is never mentioned by Jesus or anyone else in either Luke 13 or John 10. So, what does Jesus mean by saved in John 10:9, and is he speaking of the same thing that the rabbi has in mind in Luke 13:23? Read the rest of this entry »

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