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Faith that Looks to God

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It is one thing to claim Jesus as one’s Savior and to say he is a child of God. It is quite another to act like this is true in one’s life. Often, believers think that publicly embracing Christ is the faith that is needed. While this is true, and very important in the life of the believer, there is another kind of faith the Lord looks for in his elect. It is the kind of trust that waits for God to act on the believer’s behalf. In our own modern day believers often take up their own defense in the courts of the land. Standing on our human rights, we have discovered we are often able to defeat our foes by taking our struggle to this world’s justice system. In doing so, we demonstrate publicly that we embrace Christ as our Savior, and our efforts often help our brethren in their walk with Christ. However, I don’t believe that this is the faith our Lord looks to find in us? Read the rest of this entry »

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