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No 2000 Year Delay

Jesus' Coming

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In this series of studies I am looking at Matthew 16:27 and 28 and discovering their first century AD implications. Jesus claimed that, in the lifetimes of some of his listeners, he would return in the glory of his Father with the angels of heaven and reward every man according to his works. In other words Jesus predicted his return in that generation of people living in the first century AD. Moreover, when he did come, he would judge each man according to his works, i.e. the judgment would immediately take place at the time of Christ’s coming. Previously, I showed how Jesus was basing his predictions upon Isaiah 40, especially verses 1-10, which also identify the ministry of John the Baptist, who was prophesied to prepare the way for the Lord (Isaiah 40:1-5; Matthew 3:1-3). Read the rest of this entry »

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