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Is the Kingdom About the Food We Eat?

Food and Drink

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I was once a part of a church fellowship that adopted a lifestyle similar to that of present day Jews. That is, we lived under the Mosaic Law, in as much as that would be possible without a physical Temple. I worshiped on the Sabbath, tithed and kept the seven annual Jewish Feast Days, as they are mentioned in Leviticus 23. It was a big deal, if someone put a plate of ham on the table or even flavored the salad dressing with ham sauce sprinkled with little cubes of ham. Certain food was unclean and could not be eaten, according to how we understood the word of God. We had adopted a lot of physical ‘sauce’ and poured it all over the spiritual New Covenant we supposedly embraced in Christ. Nevertheless, I was so far in Moses that there was very little of Christ that could be seen in my behavior. Read the rest of this entry »

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