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Should We Pay Tribute to Caesar?

Jesus in the Temple

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Everybody loves a debate between friends and enemies they know. Presidential debates in the United States are some of the most watched of televised controversies. The Kennedy-Nixon debates preceding the 1960 Presidential Election are probably the most famous in modern times, and may even be responsible for our present interest in seeing the presidential candidates go toe-to-toe in taking on the important issues that face the leaders of our world today. The problem is that most politicians, while making a great show of answering these questions, in reality evade taking a stand on any of the issues, because they fear what effect their words will have on the electorate. In other words, they fear the people. Such was true in Jesus’ day, as well, except for one thing. Jesus went toe-to-toe with his accusers and didn’t evade anything. It cost him his life, but the Gospel narratives show that Jesus did, indeed, stand for something, unlike what we see today in American politics or in 1st century AD Judaism. Read the rest of this entry »

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