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The Temple and the Land of the Kingdom

Temple of God

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Years ago, when I frequented the religious debate boards (no longer in use, today), I was always disturbed over defending the word of God, when it seemed I was debating from a weak point. I had to maintain my confession of faith, and I knew the Bible was true, but at times, the better argument seemed to be in the hands of the detractor and the scoffer on the boards. Sometimes I wish I could debate with them now, but the reality is, that would be labor spent in vain. Nevertheless, I feel so blessed to understand the truth about Jesus’ coming in 70 AD, knowing I don’t have to extend the ‘last days’ of the first century 2000 years into the future (a ludicrous idea that simply denies the very meaning of words). I thank God for the truth, knowing that his word cannot and does not ever fail. Read the rest of this entry »

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