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The Spiritual Restoration of Israel

Dwelling Place of God

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In this series of studies, I’ve been investigating the nature of the Kingdom of God. Many Christians believe and would affirm that Jesus will one day come out of heaven in a physical (visible) body and reign over a physical Kingdom, which would be headquartered in physical Jerusalem. Of course, I have been taking issue with that point of view in this series of studies. I have been saying that Jesus has already returned, and has already set up his Kingdom, and all this occurred in 70 AD, when he came in the clouds, as he promised to do (Matthew 26:64), and judged Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple located there. Thus, and at that time, Jesus officially ended the Old Covenant and officially established the New with restored Israel. Therefore, since no one actually saw Jesus in a physical, visible form come out of the sky on a cloud, his coming or parousia (G3952—Matthew 24:3) must have been spiritual. Read the rest of this entry »

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