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Where is Golgotha?


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Probably, most folks who study the Bible believe the place where Jesus was crucified is one of two locations. The first is the traditional place inside Jerusalem’s city walls, which had been identified as the place where Jesus was crucified by Helena, Constantine’s mother, in 333 AD. The second location was proposed by German theologian, Otto Thenius, in 1842, and it can be found just outside and north of the Damascus Gate along the western city wall. The latter was proposed because of two cavities in the rocks of the hill, which cause it to resemble the eyes of a skull to some people. However, I hesitate to believe folks would see the resemblance, if they didn’t know Jesus was crucified at a place called the “skull”. The immediate problem with both of the locations is that they were identified as such through subjective reasoning, the first by premonition and the second by appearance. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no objective evidence from the Biblical record to support either point of view. Read the rest of this entry »

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