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The Church of Philadelphia


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The city of Philadelphia was the sixth city on the Roman mail route, which originated in Ephesus of Asia, and it lay about 28 miles east and southeast of Sardis and forty miles north and northwest of Laodicea. It was one of two churches[1] for whom Jesus had praise but no specific rebuke. Some folks like to interpret these letters to the seven churches to represent specific eras in church history, rather than see the interpretation in the days of the addressees themselves. I liken such interpretations to newspaper and / or historical eisegesis, because it certainly isn’t exegesis. Absolutely everything that is proposed in those interpretations is purely subjective. Not one word of such interpretations could be objectively supported in Scripture. Nearly, always the eisegesis is held in greater honor than how its original readers understood the writing of its author, thus making the word of God of no effect to modern readers. Read the rest of this entry »

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