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The Word of Christ’s Patience


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According to Revelation 3:10, Jesus claimed the church at Philadelphia had kept the word of his patience (G5281). Patience is what is required of believers who have done the will of God, as they ‘wait’ for their reward (Hebrews 10:36). In fact, the fruit of the labor of a good and honest heart is brought forth with patience (Luke 8:15). This is simply how this is done. The seed or the word of God is planted, and it gives birth to the plant or the ‘life’ produced by the seed (word of God), and that ‘life’ produces fruit or good works after the sower waits patiently for that inner ‘life’ to do its work. In other words, the church preached the Gospel and waited with patience (G5281) for the fruit to be produced. Read the rest of this entry »

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