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The Throne Room!

Temple Veil

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I believe one of the things that is missed by many Bible students who study the Apocalypse is that John is given a vision of the Temple of God and what occurs therein. For example, the first chapter revealed Jesus standing among seven golden lampstands (Revelation 1:12-13). The single lampstand with seven branches, upon each of which were seven lamps, stood in the Holy Place, or the first room of Solomon’s Temple, and later Herod’s Temple. Before the building, itself, was a brazen sea, which answers to the sea of glass, which stood before the throne of God in heaven (cf. Revelation 4:6). Therefore, the throne room, into which John was permitted to enter at least in the Spirit (Revelation 4:1-2), would have to be the Most Holy Place. It is in this place that the Mercy Seat was placed in the ancient Jewish Temple. Without this understanding, it may be difficult to interpret what follows. Read the rest of this entry »

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