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The Holy City Is Trodden Down

Trodden down

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In Revelation 11:1 John was given the task to measure the Temple of God, but he was told leave out the outer courts (Revelation 11:2), which included the Altar of Burnt Offering and the Molten Sea of brass (1Kings 7:23; 2Kings 25:13), and all the way out to the Eastern Gate of the Temple compound. John’s measurement was to include only the House, itself, with its two main rooms and the furniture therein. The only exception was that he was also to measure the people who worshiped inside the House. This seems to act as a kind of separation between the elect and the unbelievers, as we have also seen in Revelation 7:1-8. Therefore, if nothing outside the House was measured, that also included the people outside the house worshiping in the Temple courts. Read the rest of this entry »

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