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An Introduction to Revelation 17!

Harlot - Revelation 17b

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Many Biblical scholars interpret the great whore of the Apocalypse to be a corrupt religious system, and I agree with this interpretation! However, some of these same scholars also say this corrupt religious system must be the Vatican, or Papal Rome, the Roman Catholic Church. Certainly, this was the point of view of at least some of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. While any church can become corrupt, there is nothing keeping that same church from repenting and following the Lord. Nevertheless, the clear implication of the text is that the great whore must also be great Babylon of Revelation 16:19, whom the Lord judged, and is the same mentioned in Revelation 17:5. The text points to a corrupt religious system of the first century AD, not anything that arises later. Any attempt to make the great whore a corrupt religious system of the future, would be wrong and opposed to the simple reading of the text. Read the rest of this entry »

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