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The Earth Was Lighted with His Glory!

Lighted with his glory

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It seems to me that many Christians today look for Christ’s return in the near future like most Jews looked for the coming of the Messiah in the first century AD. That is, just as the Jews of the first century AD looked for the Scriptures to be fulfilled literally, so, too, do many Christians want to interpret the Apocalypse literally, as much as they think possible. This is a problem, because literalists need such interpretations in order to assure themselves that what they preach about the Apocalypse and future return of Christ is correct. Nevertheless, literalism is not a good tool of interpretation for this book or the return of Christ! The Apocalypse is about Jesus, not about a number of awesome, unprecedented events. It is about Jesus’ Gospel, with which he entrusted his disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). It is about the judgment of the enemy who sought to destroy the Gospel, before it had an opportunity to take hold. In other words, the Apocalypse is all about Jesus, the spread of his word and the victory he had over his enemies in the first century AD. Any attempt to make Jesus’ Coming into a future event is to mock the Gospel and to make light of Jesus’ victory. Read the rest of this entry »

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