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Alleluia! The Lord God Almighty Reigns

Praise God

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The third Alleluia of the New Covenant Scriptures was expressed through the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures (Revelation 19:4). We need to keep in mind that the Seventh Vial judgment of Revelation 16:17-21 is concurrent with the blowing of the Seventh Trumpet (Revelation 11:15-19), and both of these occur simultaneously with the opening of the Seventh Seal (Revelation 8:1-5). Each are the work of Christ expressed as High Priest (the seals), as the Prophet (the trumpets) and as the King of kings (the vials). The Lord holds all three offices and operates out of them in all of his labors. So when he operates as High Priest, he is acting as The Prophet and The King of kings, all at the same time. The Apocalypse expresses his labors in these offices separately, but the Lord is High Priest, Prophet and King of kings all at the same moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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