Death in the New Heaven and New Earth!

28 May
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The Lord told John to write that the overcomer would inherit all things, and the Lord, Jesus, would be his God, and the overcomer would be Jesus’ son (Revelation 21:7)! Let’s consider this for a moment. If the things in Revelation 21 take place after all things are made new (Revelation 21:5, and after the thousand year reign of Christ that was an era of peace like no other before it; and, if this chapter also occurs after the resurrection and judgment of the just and the unjust, after which all the wicked are cast into the lake of fire, **if** all these things are behind us, as we enter the New Jerusalem, what has the believer to overcome?

Moreover, an overcomer implies there are ones who have not overcome. What does the one who has not overcome inherit (Revelation 21:8)? Wouldn’t that be the lake of fire that burns with brimstone? But, how could this be in the context of the eschatology of the futurists? At this point, according to the futurists eschatology, there should be no evil, and no sinners. Those who have attained to the judgment of the just should be living out their eternal lives in bliss, peace, love and sinlessness.

Revelation 21:8 is a contradiction of the doctrine of the futurists, because, if the universe is literally destroyed and then recreated, nothing that offends (i.e. sinful and rebellious) would be able to enter therein (2Peter 3:10-13). Nevertheless, as I just mentioned, such a conclusion is clearly contradicted in the word of God (Revelation 21:7-8; 22:14-15). In the context of the purpose of parables, which have to do with the spreading of the Gospel and how it is believed, Jesus told his disciples to “take heed what you hear!” (Mark 4:24). In other words, don’t believe everything that comes down the pike; exercise a little discernment. In that same context, Luke puts it a little differently. In Luke’s account Jesus says: “Take heed how you hear!” (Luke 8:18). In other words in the context of discussing the truth, everything that is said isn’t inspired. Some things may be, but not all. So, the Lord tells us to be a little discerning in our approach to the truth. So, if the Scripture is true, how could the futurists’ doctrine of end times be correct?

According to the twenty-first chapter of the Apocalypse, the inheritance of unbelievers who live under the new heavens and the new earth is the lake of fire, which the text claims is the ‘second’ death. This shouldn’t be true, if the futurists are to be believed. Moreover, another contradiction in the futurists’ doctrine in that, even after death and Hades are destroyed in the lake of fire, death still exists under the new heavens and the new earth, but as I claimed in a previous study, death has been redefined and made infinitely more disturbing for those who are affected thereby. The death that occurs under the new heavens and the new earth is the second death, otherwise known as the lake of fire!

I’ve heard folks deny the possibility of Covenant Eschatology (Preterism), because after the new heavens and the new earth appear, there is no more death, nor more tears, suffering or pain. However, as I explained earlier, the new heavens and the new earth is a phrase that has meaning only in covenantal language.[1] Such a phrase cannot be taken literally. Common sense prohibits such a thing. We need to be a little discerning when considering the doctrine of the futurists (cp. Mark 4:24; Luke 8:18). We are physical beings. If the physical universe were destroyed, where would God put the physical elect, while he creates the new heavens and the new earth? He would have to have a place to put believers, while he performed such an act of creation. While God can do anything, we cannot. We cannot live in an environment that hasn’t been created for us. For example, God couldn’t hide physical believers in himself, because, while it is true that Christ is able to dwell **in** God (1Timothy 6:16), we could not do so physically and dwell in the Light which no man has seen nor can see! The twenty-first chapter of the Apocalypse proves the futurists doctrine wrong. We cannot exist outside **a** heaven and / or **a** earth, whether old or new.


[1] See my earlier studies: The Bride Adorned for Her Husband; The New Heavens and the New Earth; and I Make All Things New!

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