AD 70 Eschatology

AD70A great many believers look for a future coming of Jesus, called the Second Coming. I, also, once believed Jesus’ coming was yet future, but I no longer do so. I believe Jesus came cir. 70 AD. This may seem odd to whoever reads this. I know I would have considered it odd only a year ago (2016), but now I think it is the most logical and spiritually rewarding of all the eschatological points of view out there. I know some won’t agree, but that’s okay. We can talk about it, if you like, and if not, that’s okay too. Meanwhile, you’re all welcome to stick around and read whatever you like at your leisure. Lord bless you all as you do.

The studies on this page are based upon what I have derived from my own Bible study, as well as what I’ve derived from the You Tube videos of Dr. Don K. Preston and Dr. William Bell at Mr Don Preston and All Things Fulfilled.  It needs to be said outright that, although I take full responsibility for what I say in these studies, my understanding was inspired by and my studies follow the general outline I found in several of their video series.

  1. Introduction to AD 70 Eschatology
  2. Eschatology of Second Peter, Chapter 3
  3. Jesus Coming in the Glory of his Father
  4. What Is the Nature of the Kingdom?
  5. No Man Knows the Day or the Hour
  6. The Parables of Jesus and the Last Days

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