No One Knows the Day or the Hour

Day and Hour

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When Jesus predicted that the Temple would be destroyed (Matthew 23:37-38), the apostles were absolutely astonished. The pointed out how large the stones were (Matthew 24:1). Die he really mean all these stones of the Temple would be thrown down? Well, Jesus merely repeated his judgment in Matthew 24:2, so later the apostles took his aside to ask him privately when these things would be, and if there were no Temple, what would be the sign of his coming? That is, how would he come into his office as Messiah without a Temple?

Some modern scholars believe the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24-25; Mark 13 and Luke 21) is one united prophecy and point to Jesus’ future Second Coming. Other scholars believe that half of Matthew 24 or up to verse-34 concerns the Lord’s coming (spiritually) in judgment against Jerusalem in 70 AD. However, verse-36 and onward have to do with Jesus’ glorious physical Second Coming.

Below are a series of studies on Matthew 24:36, and they concern my understanding that not only is the Olivet Discourse one united prophecy, but the whole of it was fulfilled in 70 AD when Jesus came, spiritually, to judge Jerusalem and destroy the Temple, thus bringing the Old Covenant to an official end and establishing the New Covenant. These particular studies follow the general outline and content of Dr. William Bell’s You Tube video series: Was the Second Coming in 70 AD?

  1. No One Knows the Day or the Hour
  2. What Did Jesus Know About His Coming?
  3. Let Those in Jerusalem Flee!
  4. What Did Noah Know?
  5. The Great Tribulation
  6. At That Time — Resurrection
  7. Is ‘But’ the Continental Divide
  8. A Very Weak Argument for Division
  9. When Did the Old Covenant End?
  10. With the Sound of a Trumpet

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