The Judgment


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After the Wrath of God had been poured out upon Babylon (Revelation 16) the angel brought John to where he could see the judgment upon the Great Harlot (Revelation 17:2). So, from this point on until the end of the Apocalypse (Revelation 17 through chapter 22), we are given an explanation of what had just occurred. While there are some final remarks about the Lord coming soon and encouragement is given to obey the words of this prophecy, and warnings given not to add to or remove anything from the Apocalypse, by and large these final chapter further explain what John had seen and heard. This, however, is not what most Bible critics tell us, concerning these chapters. Therefore, the responsibility of who or what to believe is place entirely in the lap of the disciple of Christ where it should be in the first place.

  1. An Introduction to Revelation 17 _________________________ Revelation 17
  2. The Great Harlot and the Apocalypse
  3. Spiritual Babylon the Great
  4. The Great Harlot Drunk with Power
  5. The Beast that Was and Is Not and Yet Is
  6. The Seven Heads Are Seven Kings
  7. The Ten Horns Have No Kingdom as Yet
  8. The Great Harlot
  9. The Earth Was Lighted with his Glory _____________________ Revelation 18
  10. Babylon the Great Has Fallen
  11. Come Out of Her My People
  12. Reward Her Even as She Rewarded You
  13. Adultery and the Kings of the Earth
  14. The Merchants of the Earth
  15. Vindicating the Apostles and the Prophets
  16. The Ships of the Sea
  17. Jerusalem Is Like an Atlantis that Sank
  18. More About the Great Harlot
  19. I Heard a Voice from Heaven
  20. The Inexplicable Joy of the Believer
  21. Alleluia – The Lord God Almighty Reigns
  22. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb _______________________ Revelation 19
  23. The Wedding Feast
  24. John’s Improper Behavior and the Gospel
  25. Open Up the Heavens
  26. His Eyes Were as a Flame of Fire
  27. The Supper of the Great God
  28. The Bottomless Pit and Revelation 9 & 20 _________________ Revelation 20
  29. The Millennium a Period of Evaluation
  30. What Is the Millennium?
  31. How Long Is the Millennium
  32. The Millennial Reign with Christ
  33. The Millennium Is a Little While
  34. The Millennium and the First Resurrection
  35. What is the First Death?
  36. Gog and Megog and Jewish Eschatology
  37. The Timeframe for Gog and Megog
  38. Who Is Gog of the Land of Megog?
  39. What Is the Lake of Fire?
  40. He Who Sits Upon the White Throne
  41. The Judgment of the Just and the Unjust
  42. Death, Hell and the Lake of Fire
  43. The Bride Adorned for Her Husband _____________________ Revelation 21
  44. The New Heaven and the New Earth
  45. I Make All Things New
  46. The Alpha and the Omega
  47. Death and the New Heaven and New Earth
  48. The New Jerusalem
  49. New Jerusalem and Jerusalem that Is Above
  50. New Jerusalem and Heavenly Jerusalem
  51. The Judgment of the Saints
  52. The Temple of New Jerusalem
  53. The River of Life _____________________________________ Revelation 22
  54. No More Curse
  55. No Night and Beholding the Face of God
  56. Behold, I Come Quickly!
  57. John’s Intended Worship
  58. The New Creation in Christ
  59. The Coming Messiah, the Morning Star
  60. Come, Lord Jesus!

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