The Book of Acts a Second Look

I have fallen in love with the Book of Acts and there doesn’t seem to be an end of my interest. I keep finding new things, so I thought I would share them with people who have an interest here. Your comments are welcome whether you agree or not. I will endeavor to be a gentleman in my replies. In other words, I don’t wish to try to make you submit to my understanding. We are all entitled to what our hearts tell us, so we can discuss things amicably even when we cannot agree with one another. Anyway, below is a list of posts containing my thoughts along my second journey. The two blogposts identifying Luke and Theophilus were part of my first study; I have kept them here in case someone begins browsing my second journey without looking at the first. These two blogposts are important to much of my understanding concerning how the book was written and how some seemingly cryptic sections should be seen. Some posts will simply amplify what I’ve already said in my first study of the book, although I have tried to look for something different to write about. Others may correct errors in my thinking, while still others will show a completely new study on a matter perhaps left untouched in my first round. I hope the reader enjoys these blogs as much as I have in writing them.

The Book of Acts a Second Look:


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