The Book of Acts

Acts - 4

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I had been a Sunday school teacher for about 29 years and have studied through the book of Acts with the folks in my class. It took over two years for us to slowly go through the book, but it was simply a wonderful time spent together. I didn’t realize it when I first began teaching from this book, but I was about to fall in love with Acts. I have been studying it for awhile now and did this series of blogs on it at the end of 2009 and into January of 2010. These studies by no means represent a true commentary or exhaustive study on Acts, but they may be helpful to someone interested in studying Acts privately or in a group at their own church. If you care to browse be my guest. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed studying and writing what is listed here.


  1. Acts 1                          Who is the Author of Acts?
  2. Acts 1:1                       Who Is Luke’s Theophilus?
  3. Acts 1:7                       Can We Know the Time of Christ’s Return
  4. Acts 1:17                     He Was Numbered with Us
  5. Acts 2:1-4                    What Does This Mean?
  6. Acts 2:1-8                    The Coming of the Kingdom of God
  7. Acts 3:19-20                Seasons of Refreshing
  8. Acts 6:1-7                    Murmuring Among the First Disciples
  9. Acts 7:46-50                The Significance of Stephen’s Death
  10. Acts 8:25                     Not the Only Church in Town!
  11.                                     Background for Saul of Tarsus
  12.                                     Who Was Paul of Tarsus, Really?
  13. Acts 9                          Stephen’s Gospel Was Preached by Paul
  14. Acts 9:29-31                God Brings an End to the Persecution
  15. Acts 10                        Don’t Call Common What God has Cleansed
  16. Acts 11:2-3                  God Repeats Himself
  17. Acts 11:26                   The Disciples Became Known as Christians
  18. Acts 12                        Herod Agrippa and Revelation 13
  19. Acts 12:1-2                  And Herod Killed James with the Sword
  20. Acts 12:3                     Persecution Under Agrippa
  21. Acts 12                        The End of Apostolic Authority in Jerusalem
  22. Acts 13                        How Did the Gospel Spread so Rapidly?
  23. Acts 13:41                   It is Impossible to Believe Without God
  24. Acts 14                        The Lord Testified to the Message of his Grace
  25. Acts 15                        You Cannot be Saved Unless…
  26. Acts 15                        Who Were the Men from James
  27. Acts 15:38-39              Why Did Paul and Barnabas Separate?
  28. Acts 15:1-2                  Barnabas and Paul”
  29. Acts 15 & 16                A Possible Scenario for Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
  30. Acts 16:1-3                  Why Was Timothy Circumcised?
  31. Acts 16:6                     Closed Doors and the Guidance of the Spirit
  32. Acts 16:7-8                  Was Luke the Pastor of the Philippians Church?
  33. Acts 16:11-17              Spiritual Warfare
  34. Acts 17:1                     Why Did Paul Pass by Some Cities?
  35. Acts 17:1-10                Trouble in the Capital
  36. Acts 17:10-12              So, Why Isn’t There a Letter to the Bereans?
  37. Acts 17:34                   The Unknown God
  38. Acts 18                        The Cost of Taking Christ to the World
  39. Acts 18:6-15                Surprising Developments in Corinth
  40. Acts 18:18                   What Was Paul’s Vow?
  41. Acts 15-18                   Summing up Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
  42. Acts 19-20                   Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
  43. Acts 19:8                     Paul in Ephesus
  44. Acts 19:9                     What was the School of Tyrannus?
  45. Acts 19:14-41              Justification by Faith Alone”
  46. Acts 19:23-24              Let the Name of Jesus be Magnified
  47. Acts 19:13-16              The Sons of Sceva – Part 1
  48. Acts 19:13-16              The Sons of Sceva – Part 2
  49. Acts 20:1-28                Winding Down Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
  50. Acts 21:1-12                Did Paul Disobey the Holy Spirit?
  51. Acts 21:15-28              Paul in Jerusalem
  52. Acts 21-23                   Paul Taken to Felix
  53. Acts 24                        Paul Before Felix
  54. Acts 25                        Paul–A Thorn in the Side of Festus
  55. Acts 26                        Paul”s Testimony before King Agrippa
  56. Acts 27-28                   Paul Sails to Rome

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