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The Restoration of Israel

Acts 1.8

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For nearly a dozen recent studies I have been endeavoring to describe the nature of the Kingdom of God. I have been showing that the Kingdom is spiritual in nature, not physical, as is presumed and taught by all three futurist eschatologies—premillennialism, postmillennialism and amillennialism. There are some subsets of these eschatologies that do not predict Jesus reigning in a future physical Kingdom on earth, but predominantly this is what these three futurist groups teach about Jesus’ Second Coming. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Scepter of Judah

Scepter of JudahFor some time, now, I’ve been involved in a study of the nature of the Kingdom of God. At the very heart of this study are Jesus’ words to the Pharisees in Luke 17:20-21, where he claimed that the Kingdom of God cannot be observed with the physical eyes, whereupon he concluded that the Kingdom of God is within you (i.e. within man). These are astonishing words in view of the fact that the Pharisees were expecting a glorious earthy kingdom. They expected the Messiah to reign in Jerusalem and rid the Jews of the Roman oppressor Read the rest of this entry »

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The Invisible Kingdom

Kingdom within you

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I am presently involved in series of short studies on the nature of the Kingdom of God. Jesus did say, after all, that it couldn’t be seen with our physical eyes (Luke 17:20-21). Therefore, what manner of Kingdom should we be looking for, if it cannot be physically observed. The point of fact remains, however, that all three futurist points of view, as that pertains to the Second Coming of Christ, demand a visible or physical Kingdom in which Christ will reign in a physical body. How could that be done in a Kingdom that cannot be observed with our physical eyes? Therefore, such an eschatology is simply illogical. It is self-contradictory. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is the Messianic Kingdom Physical?


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It makes no difference whether one is premillennialist, amillennialist or postmillennialist, if one is looking for a future coming of Christ to reign on earth, that one is looking for Jesus to reign in a physical body, on a physical throne, in physical Jerusalem, in a physical Kingdom. This is simply undeniable. If you are looking for the Second Coming of Christ to occur sometime in the future, and, if he is to reign on this earth or a new earth, that is your hope—a physical King, a physical throne, a physical Jerusalem, and a physical Kingdom. The only problem with that idea is that it isn’t Biblical. It cannot be supported with scripture. The whole doctrine is eisegesis not exegesis. Read the rest of this entry »

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Making Jesus King

Feeding the 5000 - 1

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I have just begun a study on the nature of Jesus’ Kingdom. Most Christians believe Jesus will return some day to the earth in a physical body to sit on a physical throne located in physical Jerusalem, which would be the capital of his physical Kingdom. I take issue with this point of view that seems to be the hope of most Christians, and in my previous study on this theme I pointed out that, if, as nearly everyone believes, Jesus did, in fact, come cir. 70 AD to judge Jerusalem and to destroy the Temple, as the scriptures seem to support (Matthew 26:64; cf. Daniel 9:26-27; Luke 19:12-15, 27; Acts 6:14), then wouldn’t that have been his ‘Second Coming’? If not, why not, and do the scriptures predict a ‘third’ coming of the Lord? Read the rest of this entry »

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Not With Observation

Kingdom of God - 1

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No matter which futurist eschatology one embraces as true, premillennialist, amillennialist or postmillennialist, it says Jesus’ Second Coming is yet future, and the predominant view is that at that time Jesus will set up is Kingdom. It will be a physical Kingdom, ruled by Jesus in a physical body and his throne will be located in physical Jerusalem. I have to wonder what folks, who embrace this eschatology, do with Luke 17:20-21. When he was asked when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied that one couldn’t see it with his physical eyes, nor could anyone point to it here or over there. If Jesus came in a physical body, wouldn’t men be able to see him? If his Kingdom was physical wouldn’t folks be able to say the Kingdom is there but not here or visa-versa. In other words, folks would be able to see it with their physical eyes, just like we are able to see the location of the government of the United States or Canada or Great Britain. Read the rest of this entry »


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What Does the Transfiguration Tell Us?


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No matter how we wish to interpret Matthew 16:27-28, we are bound by Daniel 7, which is the fountain from which Matthew 16 arises, to place its fulfillment during the days of the Roman Empire. Moreover, the Greek particle gar (G1063) grammatically connects Matthew 16:27 with the previous verses, making Jesus coming in the glory of the Father a judgment that vindicates not only his own persecution and death at the hands of the Jewish authorities, but also the sufferings and deaths of Jesus disciples. Verse-27 is offered them as hope for what Jesus has called them to endure. To place Jesus’ coming 2000 years into the future is to deny both the grammar and the context of Matthew 16. Read the rest of this entry »


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