Genesis Flood ~ Myth or Fact?

Not very long ago catastrophism was the predominant explanation for the appearance of the layers of the earth’s crust. What happened in the last two centuries that changed the minds of so many experts that now catastrophism has been relegated to an unscientific religious belief rather than a serious model for the geologic column? Has anything new been discovered in the past two centuries that would account for such a drastic shift in the opinions of the experts? No–nothing that I know of has been discovered that would account for such behavior, but what has occurred is a shift in ideology or a change in the predominant worldview among scientists today.

Fountains of the Great Deep (Image from Google Images)

Fountains of the Great Deep
(Image from Google Images)

The commonly held worldview that would renounce a catastrophe such as the Genesis Flood as unrealistic has emerged from the naturalist’s belief in the theory of evolution and its supporting theory of uniformitarianism. I have discussed these viewpoints on my ‘Evolution‘ page, but here I wish to discuss the reasonability of the Genesis account of the Noahic Flood. I intend to write about two ‘transition’ blog posts leading from the theory of evolution which is responsible for scientists’ disenchantment with catastrophism and the Genesis Flood record, and these two transitional posts will appear on both this page and my ‘Evolution’ page. However, the remainder of the posts will be dedicated to show the reasonability of the Genesis record. Noah’s worldwide flood did occur, and below you can find the reasons I hold as reasonable evidence that support my understanding.

  1. Is the Genesis Flood a Myth
  2. Richard Dawkins and Marsupial Migration
  3. Was Noah’s Flood Global or Local?
  4. More Testimony Against a Local Flood
  5. Rainbows and Animal Behavior
  6. Where Did All the Water Come From?
  7. Where Did All the Water Go?
  8. Was Noah’s Ark Seaworthy?
  9. How Did Moses Know?
  10. How Did the Animals Get Onto the Ark?
  11. Did the Jews Copy other ANE Records?
  12. Which Flood Accounts Are Older?
  13. Who Copied Whom?
  14. The Genesis Flood & the Morality of God.
  15. Pre-Flood Society Was Too Noisy.
  16. What Was the Sin of Genesis 6?
  17. The Testimony of Jesus and Peter
  18. The Testimony of Noah

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