Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin, 1859
(Image from Google Images)

Probably most people would think of Charles Darwin when the subject of evolution is brought up. The problem of origins has been discussed for thousands of years, and it may come as a surprise to some that the doctrine of evolution is much older than Darwin. The roots of The Origin of Species go back over two thousand years, at least to the ancient Greek philosophers and some say further back and into the eastern religion of Hinduism. Is this true, and if it is, could it be proved plausible that Darwin and others before him drew from these ancient sources to construct the theory of evolution? Well, I’ve been doing a little reading and thought I’d do a series of blogs on what I’ve been finding out. My first few blogs will be the result of my studies, verifying the claims of a video I viewed HERE. Beginning with the 9th or 10th posting I will get into the more scientific claims of the theory. I hope to make this page an ongoing process–not necessarily unbroken, but as I read more, I’ll add more blog-posts when I am satisfied with the content.

I welcome comments. I don’t know how well I’ll be able to reply to criticism, as I’m sure that there are more people out there who are better versed on this subject, and are better able to defend their collective point of view than I probably could defend mine. However, this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy reading what you may have to say, and perhaps discussing it with you in layman’s terms. Anyway, I welcome all readers and anyone who wishes to leave a comment or take the time to discuss these things with me are invited to do so.

  1. Evolution–Science or Religion
  2. Something New Under the Sun?
  3. Origin of Life
  4. Hindu Biological Evolution
  5. Ancient Hindu Ideas Travel West
  6. Plato and the Theory of Evolution
  7. Ancient Philosophers and Evolution
  8. Ancient Philosophies Kept Alive
  9. Darwin’s Grandfather and Evolution
  10. The Birth of the Geologic Ages
  11. Richard Dawkins and Evidence
  12. Evolution, What Is It?
  13. The Big Bang
  14. The Big Bang and Supernovas
  15. The Big Bang and Spiral Galaxies
  16. Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  17. Chemical Evolution
  18. Evolution of the Planets
  19. Distant Starlight and the Young Earth
  20. The Center of the Universe
  21. The Ultimate Free Lunch
  22. Comets-Indicators of a Young Universe?
  23. Starlight and the Scientific Method
  24. Louis Pasteur and Spontaneous Generation
  25. Was Life Ever Created in a Test Tube?
  26. Abiogenesis and the Scientific Method
  27. Evolution and the Fossil Record
  28. Evolution of the Horse
  29. The Geologic Column
  30. Problems with the Geologic Column
  31. How Old Is the Earth?
  32. Dinosaurs and Man
  33. Evolution and Symbiotic Relationships
  34. Do Bacteria Evolve?
  35. Are Life Forms Designed Poorly?
  36. Ape-like Man and DNA Myths
  37. Evolution and the Scientific Method
  38. Richard Dawkins’ Brave New World
  39. Is the Genesis Flood a Myth
  40. Richard Dawkins and Marsupial Migration

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  3. Addressing Iron-Age Biblical Morality
  4. Where Do Morals Come From?
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  6. God or Natuaralism–The Evidence
  7. Evolution–Not a Controversy?

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