Easter Time

Easter CrossWhen you read this and the posts below, it may or may not be Easter time. Nevertheless, I decided to create a page containing blogs about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Below you will find blog posts I have already written, and from time to time I hope to add to what is already there. I hope what I have to say helps anyone who reads to understand the time surrounding the Jesus’ death and resurrection a little better and perhaps see these events in a manner that draws one to him. After all what we celebrate today is supposed to be about him. Is it not?

So, whether or not it is the Easter / Passover season, I wish  blessings from God and a joyous walk with Jesus to anyone who reads this and finds Jesus in doing so.




I have also written a number of blog posts that deal with many of the other questions we have about Jesus and the day he died. Did he really almost give up in Gethsemane? Did the Father turn his back on Jesus while he was on the Cross? Did Jesus really have to die and did God’s original plan a failure? These questions and others are dealt with in be blog posts below.


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