Looking for the Day of the Lord!

Day of the LordIf the Day of the Lord arrived today, what would it look like? What do the Scriptures say about this day, and should we understand them literally or is there another way to see them that fulfills what we are told, but doesn’t destroy everything God created? Peter writes about the “world that then was” as he speaks of the judgment of the Flood, implying that the heavens and earth existing in Peter’s day were different from what we would have found before the Flood. Yet, not only did the old heavens and earth pass away to make room for that which Peter knew, but Peter tells us to look for new heavens and a new earth different from what he knew. In other words, the Scriptures speak three times of God making new heavens and a new earth, the final one coming with the Day of the Lord. What does all this mean, and can we know? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Third Passover

PassoverBecause Luke doesn’t clearly show Jesus celebrating another Passover between John’s death and Jesus’ own crucifixion, many scholars believe Jesus set out to go to Jerusalem for the final time in Luke 9:51. Nevertheless, there are problems with this interpretation, and I believe that folks often skew the Scriptures in order to maintain this doctrine. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Error of Scoffers

IgnoranceMany modern critics of the Bible have a vested interest in the idea that Jesus (if they even admit that he ever existed) is both dead and buried somewhere near Jerusalem. It wasn’t really that much different in the first century AD. The idea of anyone rising from the dead was completely foreign to what people might think about a hero or an enemy. Such a thing had no place in the worldview of Hellenistic society or any other ancient culture, despite what some folks like to say today. Peter claimed in 2Peter 3:5 that the scoffers of that day were willingly ignorant or forgetful. The reason being, they have a vested interest in the idea that Jesus must be dead and could not be the Messiah (cf. Mark 12:6-7). Dead men don’t live again, or so they wished it were true (2Peter 2:1-3; 3:5). What they desired to be so ruled their reasoning of what should be true, so their foolish hearts were darkened (2Peter 2:4; Romans 1:21). Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Is the Greatest?

Greatest - 3

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If one is able to see that Jesus had divided the Twelve into three groups of four each in an effort to teach them the value of ministering to one another, consider what is recorded in Luke 9:46-50. On the way back to Galilee from Jerusalem, the Twelve disputed among themselves concerning who was the greatest. Instead of which individual was the greatest, this may have had to do with which of the subgroups’ ministries was most important. Since there is nothing in the Gospel narratives that show any of the disciples acting alone on any project, it’s probably not prudent to take Luke 9:46 to mean which individual was the greatest among them. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Scoffer’s Myth

ScoffersPeter spoke of the myths of the false teacher (2Peter 1:16) or scoffers (cf. 2Peter 3:1-3). It may surprise some believers that some of these myths that were used by the Biblical critics of the first century AD have been preserved in the New Testament. One is quite obvious and is found in Luke 20:27-33 where the Sadducees sought to test Jesus in an effort to refute the doctrine of the resurrection. These men were scoffers or Biblical critics, the forerunners of our modern critics who labor to show the untrustworthiness of Scripture by pointing to seemingly unreasonable sayings or contradictions in the text. Nevertheless, just as the Lord used Scripture to show the error of the Sadducees, we can do the same today, if we trust God to help us understand what the Scriptures say. Another, not so obvious myth is found in Luke 16. Read the rest of this entry »


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One Spirit and One Body

One Spirit One BodyOn their journey back to Galilee, the Apostles began to dispute among themselves who was the greatest. In view of what follows, I do not believe their dispute was over which individual was the greatest. We need to keep in mind that one of the gifts of the Spirit is a diversity of administration or ministries (1Corinthians 12:5). One of the lessons Jesus had been teaching the Apostles concerned what life within the Body of Christ is like. There are four lists of the apostles recorded in the New Testament. It can be verified by comparing these lists that there are a few things that are always so. The lists are found in Matthew 10:2-4, Mark 3:16-19, Luke 6:13-15, and Acts 1:13. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Last Days

Last Days - 1

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We often hear televangelists speaking of the last days, saying that they are near or that we may even be living in them today, adding that Jesus is about to return from heaven to take away his elect. Dates of Jesus’ coming have been set by many, even in our own time. Sadly, no one seems to mind that these men have been wrong, and the Bible refers to such as false prophets (Deuteronomy 18:20, 22). Many such prophets and teachers were predicted in the New Testament to come in the name of Christ, and their work would be fashioned to deceive believers (cf. Matthew 24: 5, 11, 24). Jesus spoke of these times as unequaled in history for violence (Matthew 24:21), and Paul spoke of them as perilous times (2Timothy 3:1). What can we say of such things? Are we living in the last days, or, if not, are they near? Peter has quite a lot to say about such things in the third chapter of his second epistle. Read the rest of this entry »

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