The Four Kings of Persia

This chart represents the period of time it took to rebuild the Temple and the walls around Jerusalem, that is, 49 years represented in the reigns of the four kings of Persia listed below. The last king, known to us in history as Xerxes, continued to reign afterward, but his first seven years completed the 49 years it took to rebuild the Temple and the walls around Jerusalem. This period represents the first seven weeks of Daniels 70 Weeks Prophecy as seen in Daniel 9:24-25. There are 7 weeks (7 x 7 or 49 years) that it took to rebuild the Temple and the walls; and then there are the 62 weeks (7 x 62 or 434 years) to the coming of the Messiah. That is, 7 weeks + 62 weeks (69 weeks) or a total of 483 years from the time Cyrus’ decree was first put into action on the first day of the seventh month of the first year the captives were set free (or 457 BCE; see Ezra 3:1-6) until the coming of Jesus, the Messiah, in 27 CE on the first day of the seventh month declaring he was the Messiah (Luke 4:16-20). Jesus was offered to the Jews as the Messiah for one week (Daniel 9:27), but he was “cut off” in the middle of the week (Daniel 9:26-27) or 3 1/2 years into his public ministry. The final 3 1/2 years were fulfilled to the time the first blood was shed in his Name at the stoning of Stephen and the persecution that broke out at the time of his death (Acts 7:59-60 & 8:1). The kings listed below number the first 49 years of this key Prophecy.


The Four Kings of Persia Mentioned in Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther:
Historical King of Persia Called: Cyrus Called: Artaxerxes Called: Darius Called: Ahasuerus
Cyrus Ezra 1:1-8; 4:5; 5:17; 6:3, 14;
Cambyses Ezra 4:6
Darius Hystaspes Ezra 4:7 to 6:14

In all of Nehemiah

Xerxes Ezra 7:1 to 8:1 Ezra 4:24 to 6:15 In all of Esther
Historical King of Persia Time Reigned During the Rebuilding of Jerusalem Years of Reign Used In Rebuilding Jerusalem and the Temple
Cyrus 1-2 years 1-2 years
Cambyses 7-8 years None
Darius Hystaspes 33 years 12 years
Xerxes 7 years 5 years
Total = 49 years Total = 18-19 years

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